I am so looking forward to 1 and 2 Samuel and teaching the kids
the stories of Samuel and King Saul, and King David!  Such great stories
this year! I hope to have many new quizzers this year from all across
Montana and Wyoming.  I have heard from 3 or 4 Montana churches interested
in quizzing this year for the first time in a long time if ever and I'm so
excited to have them join us and I hope to hear from many more teams from
Montana and Wyoming.  I want to give you some general information about
bible quizzing and then I need to hear back from you all with some
information and opinions to help me plan the most successful year possible.
Before I give you all the Information I would like you to ask you some
questions and I would really love to hear back from you all:a
1.    If you would be willing to host a children's quiz meet (even if you do
not have a children's quiz team).
2.    If you are planning on having a children's quiz team and if you are
planning on attending quiz meets. If you are please provide me with your
church name and a contact email and phone number.
3.    I need by Sept. 30 a list of your quizzers participating including
quiz level (red or blue) and name.  I would like to order quizzing awards in
bulk for this year and I need these numbers to help estimate amounts of
awards to order.
4.    How far would you be willing to travel for monthly quiz meets October
through April (with April being our District Finals in Laurel, Mt.) I'm
trying to think of places to host quizzes maybe a couple of places each
month allowing for teams from separate areas to come together as area
quizzes to cut down on travel times.
5.    Would you be interested in doing Friday night, Saturday morning
quizzes? Allowing more travel time? We would have the hosting church help to
provide places to stay for teams, and lunch on Saturday.  I'm thinking
Friday could maybe be optional with all the quizzing taking place Saturday
morning but offering some type of fun activity for the kids on Friday
nights? To encourage friendships across the district and add that extra
level of fun for the quizzers.  This is literally just an idea and I would
love some feedback with your thoughts on this.
Now I would like to offer you all some very important information about
children's quizzing this year.
So first, If you haven't had a kids quiz team in recent years or have never
participated in kids quizzing I want to encourage you to do so!  I firmly
believe that the quizzing programs (both kids and teens) provided by the
church of the Nazarene are the BEST programs our denomination has to offer!
They have the ability to engage and teach our children to learn and hide the
Word of God in their hearts in a fun and interesting way that they will
remember for many, many years to come!  I'd also like to point out that
there really is no reason to not have a kids quizzing program at your
church.  First of all, it's rather inexpensive for an entire years' worth of
kids curriculum, comparatively speaking. It also is a great program to use
in so many different ways.  It could be a S.S. program, children's church,
or mid-week program or a separate extra program offered on a Sunday
Afternoon.  I have personally taught it to my kids in all these ways at
different times in the past 7 years.  I have found with a little creativity
and imagination this program tends to be my best attended service and is
really a wonderful outreach program as well.  Which brings me to my next
point.  Outreach!  Maybe you don't have a huge amount of kids attending your
church or maybe you have none at all!  I see this as a problem that needs to
be solved! Our churches NEED children!  So use this program as an outreach
to engage children in your neighborhoods!  Provide some food and invite them
in for an hour week to sing songs (I'll tell you about the dvd for this in a
minute) learn a new bible story, and play games!  Even if they don't all
come to quiz meets at least they are learning the WORD which really is the
point anyway.
Secondly, I want to give you some important information for this year. The
quiz season is usually September through April.  It follows the school year
very well and I find that if I start in the fall when kids head back to
school and teach 1 lesson each week with a week of review after about every
4 or 5 lessons (skipping thanksgiving and Christmas) that I will be through
all 20 lessons just in time for the last quiz meet in April.  I usually try
to fit in one quiz meet per month starting in October.
Here is a tentative teaching schedule you could choose to follow:
Start the week of sept 4. With lesson 1, teach one lesson each week, and be
at lesson 4 by week of Sept. 25.  Review week of Oct 2 and prepare for quiz
meet Oct. 8th. Continue with weekly lessons starting on lesson 5 week of
Oct. 9 and being by lesson 8 by week of Oct 30. Review week of Nov. 6 with
quiz meet Nov. 12.  Continue teaching weekly lessons Nov. 13, lesson 9 and
Nov 20, lesson 10. Skip thanksgiving.  Teach lesson 11 week of Dec. 4 and
lesson 12 week of Dec. 11. Review week of Dec. 18 or teach lesson 13.  Skip
Christmas and New Years weeks. And then review week of Jan 8 with quiz meet
Jan 14. Then continue with weekly lessons starting week of Jan 15 by week of
Feb 5 should be through lesson 16 or 17 then review week of Feb. 12 for quiz
meet Feb. 18.  Continue with weekly lessons starting week of Feb. 19 should
be through all 20 lessons by week of march 12. Review week of March 19 for
quiz over all lessons March 25.  Review 2 more weeks for District finals
week Apr 7 and 8.
Summary of Tentative quiz schedule (I have picked dates that do not
interfere with teen quizzes) October 8 Lessons 1-4  *area quizzes locations
TBD November 12 Lessons 1-8 (All district quiz in combination with teen quiz
in Laurel,Mt.) January 14 Lessons 1-12 *area quizzes locations TBD February
18 Lessons 1-16 *area quizzes locations TBD March 25 All Lessons 1-20 *area
or zone quizzes(if necessary) locations TBD April 7-8 District Finals Lesson
1-20 (Laurel Mt.) June 24 World Quiz in Indianapolis (for kids with
qualifying scores of 80% or higher at District quiz).
At quiz meets we will be doing two rounds of quizzing for both red and blue
level kids.  Red level will have 15 questions per round and Blue level will
have 20 questions per round. We will also be providing awards for memory
verses learned so their will be a time for each kid to recite the memory
verses.  I would also like to include a little music, and a little fun
activity and lunch at each quiz meet.  Awards will be handed out at each
quiz.  The kids have the opportunity to receive either Gold, Silver, or
Bronze level award at each quiz. At the monthly quiz meets these will be
ribbons, at the end of the year medals or perhaps trophies depending on the
cost.  There will also be a chance for the kids to earn a perfect round
medal. If a quizzer is able to complete a round of quizzing without missing
a question then they will receive a perfect round medal. Each time they
complete a perfect round thus after in the quiz year they will receive a
gold star to add to the ribbon of their medallion.  This is just another fun
way to award the kids for their efforts. For Bible memory quizzers will
receive a memory coin to put into a treasure box that they can keep forever
as a reminder of the verses they have learned.  I would also like to see a
piece of candy go along with these coins as an extra incentive for the
Third, Curriculum!  Curriculum can be order through NPH.com under the
"children" and then "quizzing" tab.  I would suggest ordering the leaders
guide, the poster set, a quiz portion for each quizzer and a student book
for each quizzer (unless you have a copyright license then you can get away
with one student book and provide copies of the pages to your quizzers).  If
your church does not have quiz boxes you can also order those here.  (or you
can have a handy person make you some very nice wooden boxes for pretty
cheap and they will last a lot longer! Hint hint) Another very helpful and I
would even say necessary resource is from a company called Hide and Keep.
They provide for about $34.00 a DVD of all the memory verses set to song
with actions! Plus a music cd of the same verses and songs, and a cd of an
audio reading of the scripture selections of each lesson.  You can also have
the option of buying these resources independently.  I just think the bundle
is a better value. The music DVD is the MOST helpful resource I have found
that helps the kids to really have fun and learn all 20 memory verses.  You
can find their resources at Hideandkeep.com.
I hope I've answered most of your questions.  If not please don't hesitate
to ask me.  My email is
RMDKIDZQUIZ@OUTLOOK.COM  or you can call or
text me at 307-254-1969. We also have a facebook page Rocky Mountain Kidz
Quiz and you can post questions there as well.
I'm so looking forward to this year of quizzing and I hope to see lots of
new quizzers this year!

Candace Tygart
RMD Children's Quizzing Director

On October 15, we had 11 quizzers at the Gillette, Wyoming quiz - and I believe there were 10 quizzers at Kalispell, Montana.  So, get this: we had 21 quizzers on October 15 - and 20 quizzers at Great Falls on September 24 - and only three quizzers quizzed on both dates!  That means we've had 38 different RMD quizzers take part at a quiz this year.  And I think we have a few others who couldn't make it either date.

Wouldn't it be GREAT if we all came together for a quiz at once - same date, same place?  Let's make this happen at Laurel, Montana - on November 12.  I really encourage you to bring your teams to quiz.  Even if you were not planning to come - change that!  Let's encourage all our teens by letting them see our growth!

Luke is a long book, and can get tough.  Even if your teens have gotten behind - bring them anyway.  Coming to the quiz will only help encourage them to stick with it, or do more.  Staying home will do the opposite.  Let's encourage them!

= = = = =

We're stepping out and trying something new at Laurel, with big thanks to Pastor Crider.  That day - November 12 - Laurel is going to simultaneously host BOTH a District NYI Bible Quiz, AND a District Children's Bible Quiz!!!  I really appreciate Pastor Crider's willingness to do this.  And - I'm glad we can have both levels of Bible Quizzing going on together.  It can only help encourage Children's Quizzers to move up into Teen Bible Quizzing.  So I appreciate Candace Tygart's willingness to try this too (she's our RMD Children's BQ Director, FYI)!

What Pastor Crider needs from us - is to know how many of us to expect.  Registration is set up.  Please register early.  Even if you're not certain of who will come - because you can edit your registration later.  Just do it right away!  Note that there's a space at the bottom to show how many additional adults and other non-quizzers (like younger siblings, etc) are coming - so we can get these total counts.  If you absolutely cannot come - let us know that too.  But I really think you need to come. :)

Here's that registration link:

If you don't have one - it's easy to create a login.  Contact me with any trouble.

More information coming from Pastor Crider once he begins to hear from us.  For now - we plan to all arrive Friday evening and mostly hang out together - bring your board games / table games.  Saturday we'll have breakfast at 8:00 and try to start quizzing by 9:00.  If we have a small turn-out, we'll finish at lunch - we might go a couple rounds after lunch if our turn-out is big.  Then we'll have awards, clean up and go home.  It's going to be a GREAT DAY!

PLUS: As you may have noted on the schedule - I want everyone to bring their favorite seasonal pies to share!  They don't have to be homemade, but bonus points if they are! [😉]  

We're covering Luke 1-11.

District Quiz      
Laurel Church of the Nazarene
201 West 11th Street
Laurel, Montana
Luke 1-11
November 11 & 12

Kids' Quizzing Schedule

Candace Tygart
Facebook page: Rocky Mountain kidz quiz 

Oct 8: Casper,WY lessons 1-4
Nov 12: Laurel, Mt (combined quiz with teens) lessons 1-8
Jan 14: Gillette, WY lessons 1-12
Feb 18: Sheridan, WY lessons 1-16
Mar 25: Wind River Reservation, WY 1-20
Apr 7-8: District Quiz- Laurel, MT lessons 1-20.
June 24: World Quiz, Indianapolis, IN