Welcome to the Rocky Mountain District Kidz quizzing! Please read the following to learn all the info you need for this to be a successful quizzing year! If you have not registered your quiz team with me I would love to know how many kids you have participating in your quiz program and what level they will be competing in. (Red or Blue) Also, send me their names. You can send these to my email address which you will find at the bottom of this letter.

I am asking that this year you please register your kids for the quiz meets at least 1 week prior to the quiz for the Laurel quiz and the district quiz meet I need 2 weeks notice. You can do this by simply sending me an email and letting me know which location your team will be quizzing at and which quizzers will be coming. This will help the host church in planning for lunch as well as making sure we have sufficient awards at both locations since we will be running quizzes in both Wyoming and Montana this year.
I have attached a final schedule to this page. I will be running each quiz meet or Chad McKenzie (Pastor at Havre Hi-Line) will be running the Montana quiz meets that I am unavailable to go to
The other attachment is a suggested pacing schedule. I have shown an example starting the week of Labor Day. A new lesson is taught nearly every week, except the week before a scheduled quiz meet would be set up as a review week. Following this schedule allows you time for Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays as well and you would finish lesson 20 just one week before the March 24th quiz meet. You DO NOT have to follow this schedule exactly it is meant to be a suggestion and a guideline to help keep you on track for the District Quiz in April.

Quiz meet basics: We have two quizzing levels, red and blue. Red level quizzers target the grades of 1st thru 3rd grade. However, I have always allowed Kindergarteners into the program and they always seem to do just fine. Blue level quizzing targets the older aged children grades 4th thru 6th. These age limits are not a requirement and any age quizzer between the ages of k thru 6th can participate in any level you think they would succeed at. Red Level is always 2 rounds of 15 questions with 3 multiple choice answers. These questions are straight out of the questions found in the leader’s guide. Blue Level is always 2 rounds of 20 questions with 4 multiple choices answers. Blue Level questions tend to be a little harder and focus sometimes on comprehension of the text as a whole but most time the questions are similar to the Red Level questions with the extra choice option. We do quizzing using quiz boxes. These may be purchased in cardboard form from the nph.com website. OR you could have a handyman build you some out of wood. (The wood ones are a thousand times better at holding up then the cardboard, but either work fine and many churches have both.)

We will be doing awards again this year. Ribbons for the practice quizzes and medals at the district quiz. They are awarded in both blue and red level for the percentage of correct answers they received in the 2 quiz rounds. 100% is Gold Allstar, 90-99% is Gold, 80-89% is Silver, 79% and lower is the bronze level. There will once again be perfect round medals and gold star pins for any quizzer that manages to get through a round of quizzing with no errors. Also, there will be memory coins and candy for correct verses at all the quiz meets as quizzers strive to learn all 20 verses by the March 24th quiz meet. Any quizzer that learns all 20 verses and can recite them at this last practice quiz will be awarded a “Perfect Memory” trophy at the district quiz in April.

Finally, Plan to attend our District Quiz Meet in April. This is meant to be an OVERNIGHT trip. Friday evening focuses on fun and fellowship and celebration and Saturday is the day of the quiz. We always plan to do some type of an extra fun activity to award the kids for a year of hard work. It is a rather long season and sometimes we get tired towards the end so it’s always good to have something really fun and exciting to be working towards.

If you think of anything else PLEASE ASK! I am more than willing to help anyone out with ideas or suggestions to make your quizzing program a success! I LOVE our Nazarene quizzing program. I truly believe there is no quizzing program that compares to ours and I hope to see all of our churches striving to start bible quizzing in their churches. Both kids and teens.
Looking forward to this year!!

In Christ,
Candace Tygart